Private Sector Leaders Convene at 2019 Movin’On Summit to Identify Policy Frameworks to Achieve Sustainable Mobility

During the 2019 Movin'On Summit, which attracted over 5,000 transport and mobility professionals, Michelin and SuM4All held an interactive workshop to identify policy frameworks to crowd-in private sector innovation for global sustainable mobility.

The workshop marked the culmination of a six-month business consultation process led by Michelin—a member of SuM4All’s Steering Committee—with the support of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Ernst and Young. Over 25 large corporations participated in the consultation, the results of which will be incorporated into the upcoming Global Roadmap of Action (GRA), the first-ever attempt in the transport sector to provide structured guidance to achieve sustainable mobility, and to tailor programs of actions depending on country performance. While past conversation about sustainable mobility focused on piecemeal solutions, the GRA advocates for an integrated approach that includes the pursuit of four main policy goals of universal access, safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. The Global Roadmap of Actions has been developed over the past 18 months by more than 180 international experts in the transport and mobility sectors.

“The GRA embodies the collective knowledge from all our members on policies most conducive to achieving sustainable mobility. Hearing what the private sector had to say on this roadmap was a pivotal milestone in ensuring that we can now move to action,” said Dr. Nancy Vandycke, SuM4All Lead.

“It is essential for the private sector to grasp this unique opportunity offered by SuM4All to voice its specific messages and recommendations when it comes to designing public policies towards sustainable mobility,” said Nicolas Beaumont, Michelin’s Senior Vice President of Sustainable Development and Mobility. “Let us move now from ambition to action and leverage the GRA to build a pool of resources that can help foster innovation and systemic transformation alongside the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.”

“Equipped with a tool like the GRA, we can now begin to put the world back on track towards sustainable mobility,” added Vandycke.

The GRA—which will lay the groundwork for an operational online tool that will be made freely available for public policy makers—is scheduled to be to be launched in October 2019.



Names of panelists in photo (from left to right): Constance Chalchat (BNP Paribas), Thomas Deloison (WBCSD), Cécile Texier (Alstom), Nicolas Beaumont (Michelin), and Nancy Vandycke (SuM4All).

Credit also goes to Patrick Oliva and Alexis Gazzo.