Consortium Membership

SuM4All Consortium Membership

Leading transport organizations and agencies from around the world --Development Banks; Bilateral Donor Organizations; Global Civil Society Organizations; UN Agencies, Programs and Regional Commissions; NGO’s and Academic Institutions – are members of the SuM4All Consortium.

Consortium Meetings

  • 1st Consortium Meeting -Washington DC, USA (January, 2017)

    • Established interim governance engagement of SuM4All until December 2017: A Steering Committee + 5 Open working groups.

    • Work plan established to prepare the first Global Mobility Report (GMR).

  • 2nd Consortium Meeting – Leipzig, Germany (May 31st – June 2nd, 2017)

    • Review of the draft Global Mobility Report

    • Engagement with transport Ministers on the initiative.

  • 3rd Consortium Meeting – Bonn, Germany (November, 2017)


Email us at to enquire about joining the consortium.