Consortium Membership


If your organization is interested in joining our family, please review the SuM4All charter and e-mail Shokraneh Minovi at expressing your organization’s interest in joining the consortium and acceptance of the provisions below.

We _________________________________________________________, commit to become a member of the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) Consortium. As a member of the Consortium, we stand by a vision for a mobility that is equitable, efficient, safe and green.  We pledge our good faith to talk with one voice and act collectively to transform the sector and achieve this vision.  We certify that we are an organization that operates in multiple countries, and/or as a national or sub-national government.  

We pledge to:

  • Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue that strives to advance the interests of the initiative, both within the group and in liaison functions.

  • Actively participate and contribute substantively in joint outputs, at Consortium meetings, at SuM4All-organized events and in other processes of the initiative.

  • Promote gender equality as an integral part of the way the initiative itself works.

  • Share SuM4All work and accomplishments in communication materials and events that relate to our engagement with SuM4All.

  • Provide up-to-date information about our organization for the on-line SuM4All directory and external stakeholder mapping effort.

We are entitled to:

  • Access a high level, influential network of practitioners, leading organizations and agencies in transport.

  • Influence the international transport architecture and global agenda for sustainable mobility.

  • Expect the initiative to lead by example and demonstrate a commitment to gender equality at all levels, including panel composition.

  • Feature our organization’s activities and achievements at SuM4All events, on the SuM4All newsletter, the SuM4All website and in SuM4All joint outputs, to the extent these activities and achievements support SuM4All priorities.

  • Access a secured on-line directory of key external stakeholders in the sector.

  • Have our organization logo on the SuM4All website (Consortium Members), SuM4All outputs and other external displays of the initiative.

We understand that our membership will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Secretariat and Steering Committee to ensure member obligations have been met.  A recurring failure to meet these commitments can lead to the termination of membership.
Signed by: [NAME AND TITLE]
On behalf of: {ORGANIZATION]