Our Partners & Structure

SuM4All is a global, multi-stakeholder partnership that speaks with one voice and acts collectively to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and transform the transport sector.

In January 2017, representatives from over 50 organizations and agencies agreed to form a Consortium to advance action in the transport sector. This group included the multilateral development banks, United Nations agencies/programmes, bilateral donor organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and academic institutions. They set as their ambition to achieve a world in which mobility is sustainable.

An interim governance arrangement was put in place to get the initiative off the ground, consisting of a Steering Committee, five open-working groups, and a Secretariat, with the following mandate:

  • SuM4All Steering Committee (June 2018): consists of the World Bank; UN DESA; International Transport Forum (ITF); IADB (Chair, MDB Working Group on Sustainable Transport); DFID; BMZ and one representative from each of the five open-ended working groups.
  • Open Working Groups: consists of five informal groups with open membership to all stakeholders that have a specific interest or have undertaken extensive work in the transport related SDG targets relevant to each working group: Access(Rural); Access(Urban); Efficiency; Safety and Green.

  • SuM4All Secretariat: run by the World Bank and helps shepherd the Consortium and Steering Committee forward.