GRA Engagement Process Launched

Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) has now made available the draft Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA) for comments from countries, private sector representatives and other interested stakeholders. If your organization is interested in providing feedback on the draft GRA, please e-mail Shokraneh Minovi to receive the latest draft of the GRA, its 6 companion papers and a link to a feedback form to be filled and submitted.

What is the GRA?

The GRA builds on the findings of the Global Mobility Report (GMR) 2017 and the Transport Data Portal produced by SuM4All. These products provided the data platform to assess where countries stand in terms of achieving four policy goals – universal access, efficiency, safety and green mobility - which define sustainable mobility. The GRA is a tool that countries, the private sector and other interested stakeholders can use to develop tailored action plans to achieve sustainable mobility across all modes of transport.

What sets the GRA apart?

The GRA is the first international effort to look across four policy goals and assess the potential synergistic and/or conflicting impact of policy measures on these goals. It provides a far more holistic and integrated approach to mobility than previous tools, which often focused on developing policies to achieve one or two policy goals. The GRA is also the first tool of its kind to provide tailored action plans, that are sensitive to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each country’s transport sector respectively.

The GRA Engagement Process

The engagement process will span three months. During this period, in the spirit of co-creating a shared and inclusive GRA, countries, private sector representatives and other interested stakeholders can provide comments on the GRA and its 6 companion papers. The timeline below lists the events at which SuM4All Steering Committee members will be engaging with countries on the GRA during the next few months.

Please note that the GRA and its 6 Companion Papers are not for citation or distribution without the consent of SuM4All.