Global Roadmap of Actions

At the 2nd SuM4All Consortium meeting held in Leipzig - May 2017, it was decided that the initiative would work to develop a Global Roadmap of Actions (GRA) to achieve sustainable mobility after the Global Mobility Report was released.

The GRA would consist of a set of policy recommendations and actions that countries can take to achieve sustainable mobility. It will be global in nature with some specificity for example by region, by income group, by landlocked-ness etc. The roadmap will be informed by both data and existing conventions/agreements.

Work in this regard began at the 3rd Consortium Meeting in Bonn – November 2017 with agreement on the process to develop the GRA. At the 4th Consortium Meeting in Washington DC – January 2018, the leads of six Working Groups (WGs) were finalized.

Universal Access (Urban) UITP & ITDP
Universal Access (Rural) DFID & UNDESA
Efficiency UNCTAD & UNECE
Safety WHO, World Bank & UNECE
Green WRI & PPMC
Gender FIA Foundation & World Bank


Two resources that will be made available to the WGs to complete their mandate are:

  1. A stocktaking on international agreements and conventions

  2. Data-informed country and indicator level analysis

The responsibilities of the six WGs include:

  1. Establish a dedicated working group with all relevant organizations, agencies and experts in the field. The leads are encouraged to include the individuals who attended their working group at the relevant consortium meeting, previous members of their WGs, individuals who reached out to them and the Secretariat, and whoever else they think is an important actor in this area to build their WGs roster. The Secretariat will support the WG Leads in establishing their “community."

  2. Involve country and city representatives in the development of the roadmap of action.

  3. Lead the working group towards the delivery of a dedicated roadmap of actions. Among others, this will include convening the WG on a bi-monthly basis, engaging and tapping on the expertise of members of the WG, bringing thought leadership to the work done by the WG and at the same time ensuring that the process is inclusive; ensuring that there are no duplications across the various background notes (for the other pillars) and that the notes are synergetic, as well as providing quality assurance to the work done by the consultant and WGs.