Global Roadmap of Action

The Global Roadmap of Action (GRA) is a multi-agency effort in developing a menu of policy actions to achieve sustainable mobility.  It is designed as a tool laying out priority actions for planners, public decision-makers and the private sector to reach equity, efficiency, safety and green targets in mobility. The GRA builds  on the findings of the Global Mobility Report and the Transport Data Portal. Starting this Fall, the SuM4All Members will actively engage countries, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders to seek input on the draft GRA and co-create the final roadmap.

To ensure its relevance and practicality, the GRA will be developed in an iterative process involving SuM4All Member organizations and agencies, countries, cities, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders.


The menu of actions will be informed by:


Data and Evidence. Countries will be classified based on how close they are compared to mobility targets. Based on those classifications, group of countries will be proposed a tailored menu of actions.


International Agreements towards Sustainable Mobility. An in-depth review of more than 90 international transport-related agreements and conventions will extract policy content for the GRA. It will also include an analysis of ratification and implementation record of these agreements around the globe against mobility performances.


Co-creation Process


IVth SuM4All Consortium Meeting, Washington DC, January 10th 2018 (Timeline of Achievements): The consortium agreed on the overall approach for developing the GRA, including methodology, outline, process and timeline. Six working groups were established to develop the roadmap (universal access urban/rural, efficiency, safety, green and gender). Consortium agreed on the leadership structure of these groups, and to reconvene in May to discuss a first draft.


GRA Working Group Leadership Structure

Universal Access (Urban) UITP and ITDP
Universal Access (Rural) ReCAP (with DFID)
Efficiency UNCTAD & UNECE
Safety WHO & UNECE
Green WRI & PPMC
Gender FIA Foundation & World Bank

*Effective July 1st, 2018


Vth Consortium Meeting, Leipzig, May 22nd2018 (Timeline of Achievements):  The six working groups presented their first draft of the roadmap of action.  The Consortium provided extensive comments and guidance to the working groups to prepare a new draft.


June-August 2018: Building on the feedback from Consortium members on the preliminary working document, the six working groups are preparing a second draft for review by the Steering Committee end of August. In parallel, efforts are underway to look at synergies and trade-offs among goals, and bring the various goal-specific contribution from the working groups into a single roadmap of action to achieve sustainable mobility. 


Engagement process. Starting this Fall, SuM4All will seek input on the new draft from countries, the private sector, and other relevant stakeholders.  The process will last several months and be multi-pronged, combining face-to-face discussions, exchanges in upcoming events, and online interactions.


Launch. The GRA will be launched in January 2019.